Editorial: Take a stand for openness, transparency

From Steamboat Today (Steamboat Springs): No one can argue that it’s not a tumultuous time for the city of Steamboat Springs.

Our city leaders are grappling with the resignation of a police chief and deputy chief in the wake of a contentious police department investigation, which has left residents highly dissatisfied due to the limited amount of information that has been released about what the investigation found or didn’t find.

And Friday, Council negotiated a separation agreement with City Manager Deb Hinsvark that will leave her post vacant Sept. 1.

Faced with a series of important decisions to make, we urge the council to ensure they tackle those next-step decisions as openly and transparently as possible. We think this suggestion is necessary in light of this newspaper’s contention that the council conducted public business improperly during a recent executive session.

On Thursday, Steamboat Today Editor Lisa Schlichtman sent a letter to Council and City Attorney Tony Lettunich informing them about the newspaper’s position that certain portions of an Aug. 4 executive session were held in violation of Colorado’s Open Meetings Law. This position is based on lengthy discussions with an attorney who has consulted with many newspapers across the U.S. on First Amendment law.

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