Editorial: Support ‘right to know’ in challenging times

From the Lakewood Sentinel: The latest developments in digital communications were discussed at length at the Colorado Press Association annual convention Feb. 21 in Denver. While expanding modes of obtaining news continue in an extended renaissance period, it appears while more and more information is literally at hand, the information so important to the public’s right to know is not flowing so freely.

One discussion led by experts in media law focused on current challenges to obtain public records from government entities. Journalists’ heads nodded to comments that the cost of obtaining documents often remains a barrier. Heads nodded that information is sometimes being held back based on how the provider thinks the media may present it —such as putting it online — while the public’s right to know should not be limited by who wants it and how it may be used.

And heads nodded when media experts said the state appellate courts are no longer on “our” side — meaning specifically the media — thwarting our role to obtain information and be a watchdog on government.

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