Editorial: Release the video of Denver police shooting and killing William DeBose

The Denver Post: Denver District Attorney Beth McCann should release videos from Denver police-worn body cameras and any potential nearby surveillance footage from the night police shot and killed 21-year-old William DeBose.

Police say that on May 1, DeBose ran away from his vehicle after police pulled him over for speeding in west Denver. According to the police report, DeBose fled on foot, turned, and pointed a gun at a police officer who shot DeBose. However, DeBose’s wife, who was in the car with him before he was shot, has said that is not what happened. She says her husband told her he was afraid of the police before getting out of the car and running away. Police have said a gun was found nearby.

McCann’s office said on Tuesday that the district attorney had received a report from the coroner and would release the video later this week after making a decision and talking with DeBose’s family. We are glad the video will be released soon, but to be clear we don’t think these types of videos should be held until prosecutors or, ideally a grand jury, decide whether or not charges should be brought.

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