Editorial: Regents’ retreat location is barrier to transparency

Boulder Daily Camera: The University of Colorado’s Board of Regents already has a bad track record with transparency. So one might be forgiven for assuming that this embattled board would avoid hosting its ostensibly-public summer retreat at a cost-prohibitive resort clear on the other side of the state, while declining to live-stream the event. But we all know what assuming does.

To be clear, the regents’ summer retreat, which began Wednesday, is not an official board meeting. No votes are held. No policy decisions are made. The summer retreat is, above all else, a chance for the regents to attempt to form something resembling a truce. The overtly partisan members often struggle to see eye to eye, and the retreat offers a few relaxing days to iron out some personal wrinkles before the start of the new school year. Like all work retreats, the change of scenery is meant to help form bonds and establish working relationships that might otherwise be difficult to initiate in a buttoned-up office setting.

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