Editorial: More transparency needed in issue campaigns

Post Independent (Glenwood Springs): To put it mildly, the campaign for and against the proposed Glenwood Springs city street tax proposal got a bit heated before the measure went down in flames in the April 2 election.

Though much of the post-election attention has been on the financial disclosures of the pro-tax Fix Our Streets Now committee that revealed road construction companies helped bankroll the campaign, to be fair, there were some questionable tactics on both sides of the argument that prompt some serious reflection.

First, we commend those who stepped up to try to convince voters on either side of the proposal whether it was a good idea to add a ¾-cent sales tax to pay for some $56 million in street reconstruction and repairs over the next decade.

When the Glenwood Chamber Resort Association board decided not to activate its Community on the Move Committee to get behind the tax proposal, a group of City Council members and city Financial Advisory Board appointees saw fit to form their own committee to advocate for the new tax.

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