Editorial: More questions than answers in summary report on police investigation

From Steamboat Today (Steamboat Springs):  Steamboat City Council President Bart Kounovsky and City Manager Deb Hinsvark both predicted the community would not be satisfied with the police investigation summary that was released to the public Tuesday, and their predictions were correct.

After reading the page-and-a-half document, we were at first mystified and then upset by the lack of information provided in the “report,” and our response mirrors the comments the newspaper has been receiving from the general public in the wake of Wednesday’s news story. After waiting 16 weeks for its release, to say the “report” was a disappointment would be an understatement, and it left us with more questions than answers.

In the “report,” an investigation that allegedly involved 76 interviews and a review of more than 47,000 emails is summarized in a single vague, paragraph (the first page of the “report” summarized the methodology). This is an unacceptable response to a serious investigation involving a department that functions on the premise of public trust.

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