Editorial: Legislators must stop Colorado from hiding prisoners in secret places

Aurora Sentinel: There’s little doubt now that Colorado state lawmakers must step in to fix the dangerous problem of state corrections officials hiding more than 100 prison convicts, including Aurora theater shooter James Holmes.

It’s been more than a year since the public learned that Holmes, one of the state’s most notorious murderers, had been smuggled out of the state prison where he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life.

He was sent to a secret location because prison officials believed that Holmes was unsafe in Colorado and at risk of being injured by other prisoners.

Last week, 9News KUSA broadcast the results from their investigation, revealing that more than 100 other convicts, including murderers and rapists, have also been traded off to other states, keeping secret their transfer and location.

There are numerous levels of wrong with this.

First and foremost, it signals that Colorado prisons are so unsafe that we must harbor inmates in secret, not just one but dozens, because keeping them in what should be secure conditions puts their lives and the lives of prison employees at risk.

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