Editorial: Framing 2022 as a year of transparency and openness would gain goodwill for Boulder City Council

Daily Camera:

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, what climate change has in store for us next, how to “reimagine policing” with a lack of police officers, how to govern without key staff, homeless people dying in the cold, environmentally friendly and safe transportation, increasing affordable housing for both low and middle-income residents, comprehensive flood management.  And that’s not all.

There are so many large and looming, and life-altering topics for Boulder City Council to discuss Friday and Saturday during its annual retreat — a time when city leaders set priorities and establish their work plan in 2022.

As former Mayor Sam Weaver explained in Wednesday’s guest opinion, Council’s retreat is “the forum where new and returning Councilmembers, just beginning to establish their cadence and working relationships, explore their policy options. Decisions taken now will weave through Council activity for months or years.”

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