Editorial: Denver’s board of education broke the law and violated our trust

The Denver Post: Denver’s Board of Education met privately to discuss, develop and vote on a crucial school safety policy in clear violation of Colorado law. Video just released by the district following a judge’s orders also showed the board and school officials using the meeting to openly express contempt for the public they serve, stew about their public image, and, in the case of one board member, make shockingly insensitive and racially charged comments.

Colorado’s media has served the public well in making sure that this meeting was made public. It took a lawsuit, a judge’s orders, and then a surprisingly brave vote from the board members to bring this recorded meeting to light.

And the Denver Public School board members, Superintendent Alex Marrero and legal counsel Aaron Thompson, certainly were not shown in their best lights. The meeting makes everyone involved look conniving and political. During a crisis – especially a school shooting that left two employees seriously injured and resulted in a student’s suicide – we’d expect these school leaders to rise to the occasion. Instead, these men and women convened in secret to plot how best to quell the growing public backlash.

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