Editorial: CU should stop hiding Aurora theater shooting report

From The Denver Post:  It is ironic that the University of Colorado prepared a detailed report of how Littleton Public Schools could make its district safer after a school shooting but the very same university won’t release its own report of how it handled James Holmes when he was a graduate student.

Holmes was a student until a few weeks before his deadly attack on a theater in Aurora in July 2012. After the massacre, the university retained Robert Miller, a former U.S. attorney in Colorado, to conduct an independent review of how the university handled Holmes.

Specifically, the report looked at “various university systems, procedures and actions related to the subject,” according to a statement.

The report triggered a new set of policies “outlining the duties and responsibilities of its Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation team,” according to CU.

In other words, it appears the report may have identified lapses and deficiencies, or at least areas where improved procedures were warranted — not unlike the recommendations for Littleton schools.

But the university refuses to release the report, citing federal and state privacy laws that it says protect information about Holmes from public exposure.

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