Editorial: CU Regents must choose sunlight over secrecy

Boulder Daily Camera: The news that Mark Kennedy has started down the path of transitioning out of his job as University of Colorado president raises the issue of whether our CU Regents will embrace transparency as part of our journey ahead.

We say “our” journey, because the process in selecting a new leader for the statewide system with its flagship university in Boulder should not be a closed process for just nine individuals divided by partisan politics. The path moving forward needs to meaningfully include CU faculty, staff, students and their taxpaying families, Boulder and all of the communities supported and served by this vital public institution.

Specifically, the finalists – a group of highly qualified individuals – must be made public so all of CU’s stakeholders have the opportunity to see the varied backgrounds of those who rise to the top, their diversity, motivations, approach and all the things that could render a sound choice for president. Otherwise, our Regents are taking us down a dark path, and we know where that will lead.

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