Editorial: A courageous presidential endorsement by Palmer Ridge student journalists

The Denver Post: The recent uproar over a Colorado Springs-area high school newspaper editorial board’s presidential endorsement represents a remarkable and highly worrisome glimpse into the current state of the national debate — and reveals an embarrassingly poor grasp of Colorado’s rights to free expression.

Student journalists at Palmer Ridge High School in Monument should have been commended for trying to take on the complex process of such an endorsement. Big decisions like this one aren’t common at the high school level, and the Palmer Ridge students were courageous to take it on.

Instead, many parents and others called for the students to be suspended or otherwise disciplined. Complaints were lodged against the student’s faculty adviser. Dire warnings of student indoctrination and improper government-sponsored interference flooded social media sites and the e-mail inboxes of the student paper, The Bear Truth.

The sin? An endorsement of Hillary Clinton published in the highly conservative enclave that is El Paso County. But the editorial selection and its clash with prevailing ideology likely could have happened elsewhere. Had students in Boulder endorsed Donald Trump, we’re sure a similar outcry would have resounded.

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