Editoral: A step backward

The Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction): Members of the Colorado House of Representatives, including Janice Rich and Matt Soper, voted Thursday to eclipse the state’s sunshine laws and now it’s up to the state Senate to stop the secrecy-enabling House Bill 21-1051, also known as the single finalist bill.

The bipartisan 50-13 vote shows that Republicans and Democrats have equal disdain for the public’s right to know. We’re dumbfounded that, in a time of low confidence in government, lawmakers would agree that hiding information about the hiring of top executives is a good idea.

This proposed law comes just as Colorado Mesa University will be selecting a new president this spring. The public should have confidence that the new president the board of regents selects is the best person for the job. But HB1051 could undermine that confidence by hiding who is actually being considered for the job.

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