Douglas County school board asks judge to reconsider order blocking certain communications

The Denver Gazette: The Douglas County school board has asked a judge to reconsider his order preventing board members from communicating in certain one-on-one capacities, arguing that the order was “wrong on the law.” 

The request, filed earlier this week, is the board’s first official response to the order since it was issued nearly two months ago. The board’s new attorneys, Scott Gessler and Geoffrey Blue, asked District Judge Jeffrey Holmes to either lift his order, which prohibits board members from communicating in the manner they did in the run-up to the dismissal of the board’s previous superintendent, or to clarify — and limit — its language. 

The suit, filed by Douglas County resident Robert Marshall, is not quite three months old but has already been a source of acrimony within the district and the board. Marshall alleged that the board’s four newly elected leaders broke open meeting laws when they spoke, in one-on-one but linked conversations, about the future of then-Superintendent Corey Wise in late January. Wise would be fired formally a week after the board’s two top officers, Mike Peterson and Christy Williams, told him he could resign, retire or be fired.

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