DIA releases heavily redacted bids for terminal project, with no information about cost

The Denver Post: Negotiations are underway with the preferred bid team for a massive renovation of Denver International Airport’s Jeppesen Terminal, but a new release of bid documents leaves key questions unanswered — chief among them, how much the project might cost.

Three bidders’ thick proposals for a public-private partnership included project cost projections for varying concepts and future terminal revenue calculations. Those were among several elements subject to scoring by an independent panel. But while DIA now has provided the score breakdowns to The Denver Post, all financial information and several other aspects of the proposals remain secret — the result of heavy redactions or omissions of entire sections that each bidder requested and city attorneys approved before their proposals were released this week.

That information may never receive public scrutiny. An exemption to the state public records law allows companies competing for work on public projects to shield trade secrets as well as commercial and financial information they consider to be confidential from public view.

Even the preferred bid team, led by Madrid-based Ferrovial Airports and Centennial-based Saunders Construction, is hiding its preliminary financial calculations from the public in its proposal. Over the next six months, it is negotiating more concrete project details and a final deal with DIA officials.

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