Despite law, one in six Colorado judges don’t have financial disclosures filed, some for years

The Denver Gazette: About one in every six judges across Colorado this year does not have their personal financial disclosure statements on file with the secretary of state despite a law that requires it every January, a Denver Gazette review has found.

In the worst examples, nearly two dozen judges who sit on a Colorado district or county court bench, some of them the chief judge of their judicial district, haven’t had a disclosure on file for several years — the only way the public could know if a judge might have a conflict of interest in the cases they oversee — The Gazette found.

Records show that despite a yearly six-page emailed reminder to all judges by the Judicial Department to submit the reports, 56 of the state’s complement of 358 judges — including members of the Colorado Court of Appeals — did not have the disclosures on file last year or a prior one.

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