Denver public safety director pledges to protect the press, improve journalists’ access and safety

Colorado Politics: Denver’s public safety director Murphy Robinson held an online meeting with journalists on Friday to discuss how press can be ensured access and safety when covering events that involve the city’s law enforcement.

The meeting comes 25 days after a group led by the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition sent a letter outlining the harassment during recent protests of at least a half-dozen journalists, some of whom were shot with less-lethal projectiles, including pepper balls, foam bullets and tear gas. In the letter, the group requested an investigation into police actions — which is now underway in the Office of the Independent Monitor — and a joint press conference for journalists to ask questions about law enforcement’s response.

“What you do is vital,” he told members of the press. “This conversation’s important to me, because as we have witnessed historic incidences … throughout the last couple months, it is important that we make sure that you can do your job, you can do your jobs well, and that you’re safe doing so.”

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