Denver police stress learning curve as body camera roll out begins

From The Denver Post:  Denver police stressed Friday that there will be a learning curve and probably policy changes as the department rolls out 800 body cameras to officers throughout the year.

“It’s another tool that we have to remember to activate and use,” Cmdr. Barb Archer said at a morning news conference at police headquarters. “Just like when you get a new smartphone, it takes you awhile to figure out which button does what, which app does what. We’re going to allow for some error within reason.”

The first batch of recorders hit the streets Thursday night after 80 officers were trained to use them. Some of the uses remain in flux, including for officers working off duty. Chief Robert White wants cameras on such members of the force.

“The secondary-employment, off-duty piece requires a lot of logistics that includes money and equipment,” Archer said. “That’s still coming.”

Commanders held the news conference to inform the public about how the program will work.

The cameras first will be given to officers in District 6 — which covers downtown — and the traffic-operations and gang units. From there, officers in other districts will begin to get cameras, ending with the department’s force at Denver International Airport by year’s end.

Commanders say they welcome public input on the program and will monitor how similar initiatives across the country are working to implement best practices.

“This isn’t anything that is set in stone at this point,” Mary Dulacki, records coordinator for the city’s safety department, said of how videos will be released to the public on a case-by-case basis.


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