Denver may spend nearly $2M to improve city government website

Colorado Politics: Denver is looking to improve the way messaging and services are provided to residents across its city government website.

“While we’ve made a lot of great inroads over the last several years when it comes to online services, more than half of the calls coming into our 311 contact center are really residents who can’t find what they’re looking to accomplish on, so they get frustrated and kind of give up the effort and then just revert back to 311,” Jenny Schiavone, the chief marketing officer for Denver’s Technology Services, said in an interview with Colorado Politics.

To lessen those calls and help free up resources, Schiavone’s team is pushing forward a five-year, $1.9M contract with OpenCities, Inc., a Microsoft partner whose parent company is based in Australia. The contract will be voted on by the Denver City Council later this month.

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