Denver council approves gift-report rules that require more frequency, better access

The Denver Post: The Denver City Council voted Monday night in favor of requiring more frequent reporting, more detail and easier-to-access records of the meals, tickets and most other gifts they receive from donors with a city interest.

Council members and other elected and appointed city officials, including the mayor, will file their first semi-annual gift reports under the revised ordinance by July 31, with the next cycle due Jan. 31, 2018. Those will be available online within seven business days.

The new rules replace a system of annual reporting in which those gifts and other financial disclosures weren’t viewable by the public until seven months after the end of the reporting period — and could be obtained only by visiting the clerk’s office and paying for copies.

Denver officials now will file separate annual financial statements disclosing their interests in the prior calendar year by every Jan. 31, instead of by early August.

The council approved those changes 12-0.

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