Defense attorneys in Planned Parenthood shooting case seek gag order

From The Gazette (Colorado Springs):  Attorneys for Robert Lewis Dear, Jr., the man suspected of killing three people in a Nov. 27 shooting rampage, have filed a motion in El Paso County court to limit pre-trial media coverage of Dear’s case. The motion, if granted, would place a gag order on all attorneys, law enforcement investigators and anyone else connected to the case.

Filed on Monday by the office of the Colorado State Public Defender, the motion declares that Dear’s right to a fair trial has already been jeopardized by extensive media coverage of Friday’s shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, generating national and international headlines.

“While Mr. Dear is not entitled to jurors who will be sympathetic to him, he is guaranteed the right to a trial by jurors who ‘will hear the matter fairly and impartially’,” wrote the attorneys for Dear, citing an existing ruling.

The motion was one of many filed court Monday by Dear’s attorneys, who also requested that physical evidence at the crime scene and connected to the investigation be preserved, such as police notes and samples taken.

During Dear’s Monday video advisement, Dan King, the chief attorney in the defense of the Aurora theater shooting killer James Holmes, also objected to several requests from media outlets to have expanded coverage of the trial, which would include allowing still and video cameras in the courtroom.

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