Dark money group that funded Weld recall effort hit with fine, will be forced to disclose donors

The Greeley Tribune: The group that funded a failed attempt to recall Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer this summer was hit with a $975 fine and will have to release a report of its donors and expenditures after the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office agreed to settle a campaign finance complaint against it.

The 5767 Task Force, a dark-money group that supplied the majority of the recall effort’s funding, reached an agreement with the state Friday, three weeks after the secretary of state’s elections division filed a complaint against the group with the Colorado Office of Administrative Courts. Under the terms of the settlement, the group will have to make its donors and expenditures public no later than Wednesday.

Other state records already show how $4,500 of the group’s money was spent: supporting the We Care 4 Weld County issue committee, which announced in August it would not move forward with the recall because it didn’t have the 5,767 signatures it needed to force the election.

Officials said the task force’s only contribution has been to the We Care 4 Weld committee, alleging that the task force was formed for the sole purpose of supporting the committee. The $4,500 contribution made up 94 percent of the We Care 4 Weld County committee’s funding.

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