Dark-money group financing Weld County commissioner recall

The Greeley Tribune: A committee formed to help recall Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer is being bankrolled by a newly created dark-money group, raising questions about who is behind the recall effort.

We Care 4 Weld County is an issue committee formed to aid the recall effort, which started in earnest Wednesday, with organizers handing out petition packets to volunteers. The goal, said Lesley Hollywood, one of the group’s registered agents, is to gather 8,000 signatures. The group needs 5,767, but committee members want a buffer in case some of the signatures are deemed invalid.

Issue committees are required to disclose donors, and this committee has just one, a newly formed 501(c)(4) organization called 5767 Task Force.

“It was set up specifically to collect donations for this,” said Gerald Kilpatrick, the other registered agent for the We Care 4 Weld County issue committee.

Kilpatrick said during an initial conversation that he thought Hollywood set up the 5767 task force.

Hollywood said she doesn’t know anything about the dark-money group, and in a follow-up conversation, Kilpatrick said he had no idea who was behind the group, saying he made assumptions when he got the money.

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