DA won’t prosecute deputies in jail death of Michael Marshall, video released to family

From The Colorado Independent:  Denver’s District Attorney Mitch Morrisey’s office will not prosecute the sheriffs’ deputies who fatally restrained Michael Lee Marshall, a homeless, mentally ill street preacher, at the Denver jail, according to a statement from the DA’s office.

Video of the deadly encounter between the deputies and Marshall has been turned over to the family, who will watch it this afternoon.

“I sympathize with Mr. Marshall’s family and express my condolences for their loss. Sadly, this situation is an example of how difficult it is for society as a whole, including deputies in a jail, to handle the complex issues presented by those suffering from severe mental illness,” Morrissey wrote in a statement.

“To those calling for criminal charges in order to effect a change regarding use of force tactics or policies, I want to emphasize that criminal charges are appropriately used only to respond to criminal acts that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Absent that certainty of proof, criminal charges are not appropriate and are not justice.”

“Obviously we’re extraordinarily disappointed but not one bit surprised,” said Marshall’s family attorney, Mari Newman,of Killmer, Lane and Newman, who had not received a copy of the District Attorney’s decision until this reporter sent it to her. “Denver has never held it’s law enforcement accountable and this time is no different.”

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