CU Boulder cites post-9/11 security provision in hiding Ralphie’s whereabouts

Daily Camera (Boulder): The University of Colorado is so serious about keeping beloved buffalo mascot Ralphie’s home location secret, officials redacted her ranch name and location from a Daily Camera records request, citing a provision created after 9/11 to protect against the release of sensitive security matters.

“This is a very creative use of that exception,” said Jeff Roberts, executive director of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition. “I’m assuming that protecting Ralphie from frat boys is their reasoning. I think this provision of CORA was intended to address more serious matters than the location of a college mascot.”

The redaction of Ralphie’s abode was justified under the grounds of being “specialized details of security arrangements.”

“Release of these records would be contrary to the public interest,” wrote Scott Bocim, CU’s custodian of records.

When asked what about sharing Ralphie’s address would jeopardize the public good, CU spokesman Ryan Huff said: “We care deeply about Ralphie and want to ensure her well-being.”

John Graves, CU’s Ralphie program manager, took a more nuanced approach in explaining the tight lips around Ralphie’s locale.

Buffalo and behold, Ralphie has had a history of dastardly deeds committed against her, Graves said.

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