Critics say open records investigation into Denver’s top two police officers isn’t independent

FOX31 (Denver): More than eight months after an investigation was launched into the transparency of Denver’s top two police officers, there’s still no word on when the director of public safety will issue her findings.

But critics already predict Public Safety Director Stephanie O’Malley will find no wrongdoing was committed by Denver police Chief Robert White or Deputy Chief Matt Murray.

“I would be surprised if she found that there was wrongdoing, I just don’t expect that,” said Lisa Calderon, executive director of the Colorado Latino Forum.

Calderon and others have been cynical about the city’s process for conducting what it calls an “independent investigation” to find out why White and Murray failed to turn over a letter to the Denver Police Protective Association when the union made a public records request for it in 2016.

Nick Rogers, president of the DPPA, said it would be “impossible” for White and Murray to forget they had received a critical letter from then-Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.

The June 3, 2016 letter written by Morrissey to White criticized Murray for his role in having Angiella Arnot arrested for sex assault.

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