Court: Man entitled to review police personnel file in assault case

Colorado Politics: A man convicted of assaulting a police officer has the right to review the two use-of-force reports against the officer he punched — and whom he accused of fabricating the incident, the Court of Appeals decided on Thursday.

Greeley police officers arrived at an apartment building early on a Sunday in July 2015 after receiving a call of a medical emergency and domestic dispute with the possibility of a gun inside the home. One of the parties to the dispute, Lorenzo Cardenas, Jr., told officers they needed a warrant. However, numerous other occupants of the apartment asked police to come inside for assistance.

Cardenas, identified as “Junior” by the court, pushed two of the officers as they entered and resisted arrest. One officer tased Cardenas as a result. Cardenas’ father, Lorenzo Cardenas-Villescas, Sr., appeared in the hallway and elbowed Sgt. Zach St. Aubyn. The officer tried to pull Cardenas-Villescas away from the others and his son.

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