Constituent sues Colorado Senate president for blocking him on Facebook

9NEWS (Denver): A man filed a federal lawsuit Monday, accusing the lead Democrat in the Colorado Senate of violating his First Amendment rights by blocking him from the Senate president’s Facebook page.

A man named Alexander Armijo of Pueblo claims his comment on Sen. LeRoy Garcia’s (D-Pueblo) Facebook page was deleted, and he claims he was blocked from commenting further on the page.

The complaint alleges Garcia uses the Facebook page to engage with the public, therefore blocking Armijo violates his free speech rights.

“If you’re a politician and you use Facebook or Twitter or any other social media to propagate your point of view and invite public comment you can’t censor what’s on it,” 9NEWS legal analyst Scott Robinson said.

“A private individual can always block someone they don’t like on Facebook or Twitter but that isn’t true if you’re using it as a political tool.”

In similar cases across the country, federal judges have ruled in favor of plaintiffs, Robinson said.

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