Colorado’s secret prisoner locations may no longer be secret to their victims

9NEWS (Denver): After decades of secrecy – and following a 16-month 9Wants to Know investigation – the Colorado Department of Corrections is finally telling some victims where the killers of their loved ones are serving their time. It’s information the victims believe they’d been entitled to all along.

Even so, three Colorado lawmakers said such notification can’t be left to the discretion of DOC administrators and the lawmakers plan to propose legislation in January that would compel prison officials to tell the victims the location of most inmates.

“If they wanted to do it by rule, they’ve had plenty of opportunity to do it,” said state Sen. John Cooke (R-Greeley). “They’ve had since your story came out, they’ve had since Aurora theater shooting, victims complained to them. They turned a blind eye and said no, you’re not entitled to it.”

Victims like Bob Luiszer, who’s been trying for 15 years to find out where his daughter’s killer was incarcerated.

“It was kind of like banging your head on the wall,” Luiszer said.

That’s because DOC wouldn’t tell him where the Lucas Salmon was – even though Salmon’s family members told 9Wants to Know they had a chance to talk to him and write him.

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