Colorado Supreme Court justices knew about memo alleging misconduct 2 years before it became public

The Denver Gazette: Colorado’s Supreme Court justices were generally aware of a memo containing allegations about judicial misconduct nearly two years before it was made public, according to testimony one of the justices gave in an unrelated federal lawsuit deposition.

It is the first acknowledgment that the members of the court knew about the memo shortly after it was the catalyst of an alleged quid-pro-quo $2.5 million contract given in March 2019 to a former Judicial Department official who threatened a tell-all sex discrimination lawsuit.

The revelation brings into question what else the justices knew about the memo, the contract and the allegations swirling around it. Aside from canceling the contract and the resignation of two top officials, no other action was taken on the memo or its allegations by anyone in the judicial branch until details about the memo were revealed two years later in newspaper stories. The memo is now at the center of at least a half dozen investigations.

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