Colorado Supreme Court drops ‘catch-all’ question about prospective judges’ backgrounds from application

Colorado Politics: Weeks before an Arapahoe County judge admitted he failed to disclose his affair with an employee when he was applying to be a judge, the Colorado Supreme Court dropped a question from the state’s judicial application form that asked candidates to disclose problematic information from their pasts — and provided grounds for discipline if they were untruthful.

Applicants for judgeships answer a range of questions about their sources of income, their employment and any criminal history. The questionnaire is meant to assist the citizen-led nominating commissions, which screen candidates, and the governor, who appoints nearly all trial and appellate judges across the state.

Until December, the application included Question #47, which asked: “Is there any circumstance or event in your personal or professional life which, if brought to the attention of the Commission, might tend to affect adversely your qualifications to serve on the court for which you have applied?”

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