Colorado Springs-based Lead Stories sniffs out online fake news

Colorado Springs Independent: Almost any online user saw the chilling story unfold in late May. Suddenly, a now-notorious faked video spread across the cyber world at lightning speed, showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing to be drunk and slurring her words while addressing an audience.

Immediately, the video was exposed as fraudulent, and it was removed from social media sites — though some did so more slowly than others, as millions of internet visitors jumped to access it.

One fact-checking operation led the way in uncovering the truth about that doctored Pelosi video, and that company happens to be headquartered in Colorado Springs.

Founded in 2015 by local attorney/restaurateur/hotel owner Perry Sanders and then-CNN reporter Alan Duke, Springs-based Lead Stories has become a major fact-checking/fake news-debunking organization on the cyber scene.

“We were told by one of the people we work with at Facebook that Lead Stories is the most prolific fact-checker in their world,” Duke says.

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