Colorado spearheads 35-state lawsuit accusing Google of operating a search-engine monopoly

The Colorado Sun: Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is taking the lead in a 35-state, bipartisan lawsuit filed Thursday against tech giant Google that accuses the company of “anticompetitive conduct” and monopolistic behavior surrounding its search engine and advertising arm.  

The 115-page legal action, which was filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., specifically alleges that Google has choked out other search engine websites, like Microsoft’s Bing. That has hurt consumers’ access to a competitive market and companies’ ability to acquire customers, the lawsuit claims, especially in the travel, home improvement and entertainment sectors where businesses like Yelp, Expedia and HomeAdvisor have been harmed.

The lawsuit also alleges that Google has used anticompetitive contracts with wireless carriers including Verizon and AT&T to protect its search-engine monopoly by excluding other search websites from prominent positions on cell phones and internet browsers.

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