Colorado Senate president unsure if he’ll reimburse taxpayers for Facebook comment lawsuit

9NEWS (Denver): Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia (D-Pueblo) is unsure if he’ll reimburse taxpayers after a lawsuit over a social media comment on his Facebook page.

“It’s something that I’m continuing to look into,” Garcia told 9NEWS on Monday.

A judge said last month that Alexander Armijo was owed $25,000 after a comment he left on Garcia’s professional page had been deleted. Armijo originally posted a link to a 9NEWS article on about the botched attempt to fire the non-partisan Senate clerk earlier this year.

Along with the link, Armijo wrote, “Either you are grossly incompetent or knowingly violating the law. Step down.”

His attorney argued the Senate president violated Armijo’s First Amendment rights for first taking down the comment, and subsequently blocking him.

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