Colorado school transparency bill linked to national groups battling ‘critical race theory’

Colorado Newsline: The words “critical race theory” don’t appear anywhere in the six pages of House Bill 22-1066, legislation introduced in the Colorado General Assembly last month by Republican state Rep. Tim Geitner of El Paso County. But a network of local and national groups backing the bill say that’s precisely what it’s about.

Lawmakers in at least a dozen states, including Utah, Arizona and Kansas, have introduced so-called curriculum transparency bills in recent months, proposing to require schools to publish comprehensive lists of any and all educational materials used by teachers in the classroom.

Opponents say such measures are a solution in search of a problem. But the transparency movement is backed by right-wing groups that have crusaded against a broad spectrum of policies ranging from diversity trainings and anti-bullying programs to teachings about the centrality of slavery in U.S. history — often lumped together by opponents under the umbrella of “critical race theory,” a previously obscure graduate-level academic term with little connection to K-12 curricula.

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