Colorado newspaper publisher backs off defamation lawsuit for ‘fake news’ tweet

Forbes: The Colorado newspaper publisher who threatened to sue a state senator for defamation after the politician called his paper “fake news” has decided not to bring the lawsuit after all.

Jay Seaton, who runs the Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, Colorado, said in an editorial, “I don’t want to cost the taxpayers a bunch of money.”

In February, Seaton sparred publicly with state Sen. Ray Scott, R-Grand Junction, over delay on an open records bill.

Scott tweeted that “we have our fake news in Grand Junction….The very liberal GJ Sentinel.”

Seaton blasted Scott in print and vowed that the slurs would not go unanswered.

He wrote an editorial that closed with a line from President Trump: “To borrow a phrase from another famous Twitter user, I’ll see you in court.”

Now Seaton has declined to file the lawsuit, citing the costs to the citizens of Colorado. He remained convinced he was right: “From my vantage, it was defamation for which there is a viable legal remedy,” he wrote.

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