Colorado judicial department to pay up to $350,000 for inquiry into misconduct allegations and contract to quiet them

The Denver Post: The Colorado Judicial Department will pay as much as $350,000 for a comprehensive investigation into sweeping allegations of a hostile work environment and misconduct at the highest levels levied by its former chief of staff.

In a request for proposal it issued Monday, the department is seeking bids from independent investigators to delve into allegations that a $2.5 million five-year contract given to former Chief of Staff Mindy Masias was in return for silencing a tell-all sexual discrimination lawsuit she planned to bring.

In addition, investigators are to examine the department’s overall work environment, which was described as hostile toward women – and overly permissive toward men – in a two-page memo that highlighted the conduct Masias would make public in the lawsuit. The Post has also reported on allegations the department fosters a hostile workplace toward women.

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