Colorado Judicial Department says contract-for-silence allegations by former top official are false

The Denver Post: The Colorado Judicial Department on Thursday told its employees and judges statewide that allegations a multimillion-dollar contract was given to an employee to silence a potential tell-all lawsuit are false.

Former State Court Administrator Chris Ryan, the second-highest administrative job in the state court system under the chief justice of the Supreme Court, told The Denver Post that a $2.5 million training contract he signed was intended to stop Mindy Masias from filing a sexual discrimination lawsuit that would expose misconduct she knew of during a 20-year career. She was facing termination.

“The Judicial Department categorically denies that the contract for leadership training was awarded to The Leadership Practice in June 2019 due to blackmail or to keep information about the department quiet,” according to a memo circulated to its employees and acquired by The Post.

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