Colorado is the third state to pass a consumer-data privacy bill. Now what?

The Colorado Sun: That creepy feeling that someone is tracking your every move online was acknowledged this legislative session by lawmakers who overwhelmingly passed the Colorado Privacy Act. It gives residents the right to tell companies to stop collecting their data — and delete any personal data collected. 

As more states consider similar privacy measures and companies like Apple crack down on wayward advertisers and app developers, Colorado will become the third state to pass a comprehensive consumer privacy law. Senate Bill 190 now awaits Gov. Jared Polis’ signature.

But even with such bold mandates to give residents more control of their personal data — and giving authority to the state attorney general to enforce it — consumer advocates said the measure could have gone further to protect people. One change allows consumers to universally opt out of ad-based tracking instead of having to make that request for each website or company. But the act also lets advertising companies keep tracking consumers if they ask for consent first. 

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