Colorado hospitals sign contracts to keep COVID-19 related data hidden from public view

KOAA News5 (Southern Colorado): A review of public records reveals not all hospitals are reporting daily statistics as requested during the COVID-19 pandemic. The end result is that hospital data is not 100-percent accurate when published or broadcast.

While the State of Colorado does update the public with statewide hospitalization numbers, it’s impossible to find individual hospital-level data. For example, if you want to know the ICU bed capacity at UCHealth Memorial Central or at Parview Hospital in Pueblo on a daily basis, that information is not publicly available—although we know it’s collected.

After further research, News 5 has learned Colorado hospitals have entered into “data use” agreements with the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA). These agreements apparently allow statistics such as individual daily hospital bed capacity statistics and ICU bed counts to remain hidden—even during a pandemic.

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