Colorado Chief Justice Brian Boatright admits ‘crisis of confidence’ in courts amid scandal

The Denver Post: Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian Boatright on Thursday vowed to reform the state’s judicial branch in the wake of allegations of judicial misconduct, sexism and harassment — and of a high-level cover-up intended to keep those misdeeds secret.

“Where there is wrongdoing, we will address it,” Boatright said. “Where there was an abuse of power, we will stop it. Where our policies are deficient, we will change them. We want to know the truth. We recognize the branch faces a crisis of confidence in its leadership.”

Boatright became emotional and struggled to speak at times as he addressed Colorado lawmakers in the state House of Representatives during the annual State of the Judiciary speech Thursday. He reiterated the Colorado Supreme Court’s commitment to investigating the cover-up allegations through an independent panel not controlled or appointed by the justices.

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