Colo. Springs police withhold report on cop who cost taxpayers $100,000 in lawsuit settlement

From the Colorado Springs Independent:  Any hope of finding out more about the internal investigation of an officer who bashed a woman’s head into the floor went out the window last week when the Colorado Springs Police Department ruled that releasing those records to the Independent “is contrary to the public interest.”

Taking issue with that ruling was Jeff Roberts, executive director of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition, which advocates for transparent government.

“The on-duty conduct of an officer, especially one who’s been accused of doing something like this, is definitely in the public interest,” Roberts says. “There are likely many aspects of that report that are, indeed, things the public would be interested in.”

The case surfaced a year ago in the Independent‘s cover story (“Full Force,” July 15, 2015) about police brutality, which featured Alexis Acker. Belligerent and drunk, Acker, then 18, was arrested in November 2013 for assault on a police officer and taken to Memorial Hospital for medical clearance before being jailed.

There, in a waiting area, Officer Tyler Walker pushed her into a chair. When her leg flew up toward his groin area, he grabbed her, swung her around and slammed her, face-first while she was cuffed behind her back, to the floor. The impact broke a tooth and bloodied her face.

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