Colo. Spgs. police finish internal affairs probe but withhold report

From the Colorado Springs Independent:  The Internal Affairs investigation of Officer Tyler Walker, who slammed Alexis Acker to the floor in the Memorial Hospital emergency room in November 2013, has been concluded. But the Colorado Springs Police Department is withholding the report.

“As this is an active civil case, I am unable to release any information at this time on the internal investigation,” CSPD spokeswoman Lt. Catherine Buckley says via email.

We first reported on the Acker incident on July 15 in our cover story, “Full Force.”

The Walker investigation began in July 2014, three months after Acker’s attorney threatened the city with a lawsuit, and nine months after the incident. That lawsuit was filed in late July.

We asked about Walker’s status in mid-July and were told that “he is on regular duty.”

About two weeks later, we asked the CSPD about the investigation and for a photograph of Walker and were told by Buckley, “Due to Officer Walker’s current assignment I am unable to release a photograph of him.”

Visit the Colorado Springs Independent for more.

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