Coffman lawsuit against Aurora taps transparency, politics and campaign dollars

Aurora Sentinel: What started as an attempt to align local campaign finance laws with state and federal requirements has landed the city in an unusual predicament: an unprecedented lawsuit from Mayor Mike Coffman, who says the law passed last fall is unconstitutional. 

City legal staff can’t recall a sitting city council member suing the city, and it’s not yet clear how the city will handle closed sessions where council members are briefed about litigation, when the lawsuit’s plaintiff is one of their own. Council members appeared to be briefed on the lawsuit Monday evening in executive session. Instead of Coffman summarizing the closed session to the public, like usual, he deferred to Mayor Pro Tem Francoise Bergan at Monday’s regular study session for the summary.

Coffman didn’t respond to a request for comment on whether he’ll challenge the city if excluded from a meeting about the litigation.

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