Caps for candidate contributions in local elections clear Colorado legislature

Colorado Politics: An effort to establish a statewide limit on contributions made to candidates in local elections passed its last major legislative hurdle on Wednesday. 

If signed into law, House Bill 1245 would cap contributions from individuals and political parties at $400 and from small-donor committees at $4,000 in municipal elections, among other records and reporting requirements. 

The House had passed the measure last month. Now, it will go back to the House to approve a minor change from the Senate, and then to the governor for final consideration.  

“We have seen a disturbing trend in the amount of money pouring into our local elections,” said sponsor Rep. Jennifer Parenti, D-Erie, while presenting the bill. “I can tell you it is having a negative impact on the atmosphere in our community, well beyond the end of election season. … I hope to get in front of this before it becomes a problem for more town across our state.” 

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