Breckenridge sets new protocol for executive sessions following illegal session

Summit Daily News: Breckenridge Town Council discussed the details of the town’s illegal executive session at last Tuesday’s work session Nov. 24. The town determined that it would follow a legal precedent around executive sessions going forward, which requires the town to publicly determine if they will negotiate on a proposal before entering an executive session to privately instruct negotiators.

Town Attorney Tim Berry gave an explanation of the session, which was held after a presentation from Breckenridge Grand Vacations CEO and co-owner Mike Dudick. The council went into the executive session stating that the session, as it pertained to the proposal, was for purposes of determining how the town might negotiate. After the session, Mayor Eric Mamula announced that the council had decided not to move forward with Breckenridge Grand Vacation’s proposal.

The Summit Daily News requested the recording of the session, which was provided by the town, and released the recording in an article.

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