Boulder judge grants second motion to bar King Soopers shooting video at hearing

Boulder Daily Camera: A video taken inside the south Boulder King Soopers during the mass shooting earlier this year won’t be played during the suspect’s upcoming preliminary hearing, after a judge ruled the suspect’s right to a fair trial overrides the public’s right to see it.

Boulder Chief Judge Ingrid Bakke recently granted Boulder County District Attorney’s second motion on the issue, which requested that the video be withheld from public viewing until a possible trial.

“Finally, the Court finds the Defendant’s right to a fair trial and impartial jury pool overrides the right of the public to access Exhibit One,” according Bakke’s order. “Given the nature of the allegations, the public interest in this case, and the sensitive material contained in Exhibit One, the Court finds making Exhibit One publicly accessible risks tainting the jury pool in both Boulder County and across the State of Colorado as a whole.”

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