Bill seeks privacy protection for health care works, code enforcement officers, others

The Denver Gazette: Last year, UCHealth adopted a requirement that transplant candidates be vaccinated against COVID-19. When Katherine Hamann, UCHealth’s kidney transplant coordinator, sent a letter to a patient outlining the change, her life was turned upside-down.

A legislator posted a photo of the letter online with Hamann’s name on it. Hamann instantly became the victim of a cyber mob, receiving hundreds of phone calls, emails and social media posts from people angry about her employer’s decision. Some of these included “detailed and graphic death threats” against Hamann and her family, she said.

“Even today, I fear that online vigilantes will find my information, such as my home address,” said Hamann, a registered nurse of 10 years. “I not only fear for myself but for my friends and family.”

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