Bill restricting online speech draws First Amendment expert’s ire; ‘At least read the Constitution’

Complete Colorado: One of Colorado’s foremost defenders of the First Amendment, says a recently introduced bill that would regulate and restrict the speech of Coloradans or anyone doing business electronically in Colorado, will likely end up in court before the ink from Gov. Jared Polis’ signature even has time to dry.

“These people, these elected politicians, should at least read the Constitution,” said David Lane, a Denver-based attorney who specializes in First Amendment free speech law. “When they don’t understand what they are reading, they should go ask someone smarter than they are to read it for them.”

Lane’s reaction was in reference to Senate Bill 21-132, which is being sponsored solely by Senator Kerry Donovan, the western slope Democrat who has announced her intention to challenge Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Rifle for Congressional District 3.

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