Barry Morphew leaves jail as arrest affidavit is released, investigators point to abuse and threats

The Denver Gazette: Minutes before Barry Morphew walked out of the Chaffee County jail, an ankle monitor on his leg and a daughter pushing him into a waiting vehicle, the 129-page court document explaining in great detail why he was arrested in his wife, Suzanne’s, murder was released to the public.

The document contained some new insight into the decline of 32-year marriage, but much of the case has already been revealed by prosecutors during last month’s four-day preliminary hearing.

Not revealed before in the voluminous document was the revelation one of the Morphews’ daughters admitted to police the day after Mother’s Day 2020, when her mom disappeared, her parents were “not doing well” and that they were “both in an unsafe place emotionally.” It was the first time those words had come from the daughter herself, instead of being relayed through testimony thirdhand. Investigators read from Suzanne’s texts while they were on the stand, as during such hearings, hearsay is admitted.

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